January 2019

Our secret to creating beautiful spaces lies in the details. Which is why we carefully choose the tiles for our projects. This holiday house in Polje was recently mentioned on a blog and in the newsletter of an established Italian ceramics company we source our tiles from. We love using their tiles for their texture, a wide variety of interesting patterns and unique geometrical shapes. Want to find out more? Get in touch with us!


October 2019

JVBDesignWorks has been featured on the TV Ambienti Architecture blog where they wrote about the Soča project that was finished by the agency in August. You can read the full article here.


September 2019

Jade van Baaren and her husband Justin Young have been featured in a British daily newspaper - The Times! They talk about the beginnings, setting up a business and give advice on buying real estate in  Slovenia. You can read the full article here.


July 2019

Jade van Baaren was interviewed by Total Slovenia News where she discussed moving to Slovenia from the UK and starting a business with her husband. Read about the beginnings of JVB Designworks, challenges Jade had to overcome to get her business running and her advice to the ones considering moving to Slovenia to raise a family or start a business.


May 2019

Ambienti TV Show did a reportage on our renovation of a traditional Slovenian house located near the famous Bohinj Lake. A challenging but fantastic project that took over 100 Skype calls and one year for this amazing house transformation.

RTV Slovenija on the project.


May 2019


March 2019

Ambienti TV Show made a reportage on a house renovation in Ukanc where Janez Drnovšek, former Slovenia's president, used to spend his summers. A house with a lot of potential, was initially very dark which gave a wrong impression to the visitor. Jade completely renovated the outdoor and indoor area and turned a house in a beautiful, bright home with luxurious interior design.

The project gained a lot of press attention in Slovenia: Newspaper Vestnik, Seniorji, and Večeri on the project.


May 2017, one of the biggest news portal in Slovenia, wrote an article on how Jade came to move with her family to Slovenia and started a business here with her husband. Since the very beginning, they saw a big potential in this small country with a very high quality of life. Years later, Jade is successfully leading important house renovations around Slovenia for her clients.

 "Everyone is telling me to demolish old buildings and build new ones. It's cheaper. But I don't want this. I love to bring life to them and give them back their shine. They all have a history and I want to learn about it."

March 2015

Jade van Baaren was interviewed for the magazine OnaPlus+.

November 2009

In Season 15 of House Hunters International, Emma and Tim from the UK decided to buy a property in Slovenia and turned to Jade van Baaren for advice. Learn more here.