Wolfova - Old City Center Apartment

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Here is a good example of connecting living room and kitchen space by removing the wall that separates them. Grey colour scheme from the living area nicely transitions to the kitchen.

The smallest bedroom has been turned into a kid’s bedroom with two single beds in vintage iron/metal style.

Bathroom was already in a quite good state, so we just upgraded it with some extra storage, a mirror and wall lighting.

By removing the wall and combining the living room, kitchen and dining room in a one big open space, we managed to create a beautiful spacious kitchen. The kitchen  is from Ikea and its soft grey colour nicely compliments tall ceilings and restored dark wooden floors.

In this room, we also removed one wall and created a bigger spacious master bedroom, where we have added one big built-in closet, an elegant table and a chair. One of the most interesting peaces in this room are side tables, which are vintage looking safes.

Balcony has been completely transformed by simply restoring existing wood work, repainting everything in fresh white colour, and adding new wooden floors.

As the narrow hallway used to be very dark, we added one more window to bring in more ceiling light, this way creating a bright and airy space.

By removing the wall, we have created a big spacious living room, dining room and kitchen area. This space is now very airy and thanks to the the long elegant curtains we added on windows the space looks grander.