Dunajski Kristali, Ljubljana apartment

Client brief

The client brief was simple. Single man with contemporary style. This was also a business model of a potential strand of rentals in Slovenia

The apartment is a part of a newly constructed modern block of flats in the Bežigrad  district of Ljubljana. Being located in the financial district of Ljubljana, it made sense to go for a contemporary, corporate apartment.


About this project

With large windows that take up most of the walls, this flat has an excellent source of light. It was just a shell when we first started working in this space. The room needed a dividing element to give the spaces separation and purpose. I opted to lower the ceiling in the kitchen space to allow for extra lighting and to hide the extractor that I was planning to put in for the open kitchen. By doing this, we created an individual space without having to use walls or partitions as dividers.

I also wanted to create an open bar area for the client. I did this by extending the kitchen design into the living space and creating a drink cupboard. Due to space saving issues, this was a narrow cupboard about 40 cm deep. I also added a top shelf, constructed from the same material as the kitchen. The overall look created a flowing extension of the kitchen as well as a multi-functional use of space.

The dining table is made of an African wood, which nicely compliments  the teak floor that was put in. The rich wooden flooring and the organic lines and colours of the table are a perfect match.

The kitchen island was equipped with a stove  and offers ample space for food preparation and storage. This will allow the client to interact with his guests or simply enjoy the views from his massive surrounding windows while cooking.

The rest of the apartment was equipped with contemporary furnishings. The colour pallet I used was earth tones with black high-light colours. The walls were kept a bright white to highlight all the natural tones that surrounded it. The kitchen cabinetry was also finished in a bright white accompanied with matt charcoal black countertops.

The lighting I chose for the space was of simple design with understated tones. I chose a crystal four grouped pendent light for over the dining table. Despite its minimalistic appearance, it gives off a lovely dancing light that creates a wonderful atmosphere for dining.

In the bedroom, we performed no structural work, we just had to install the closets and furnishings.

I used a warm light grey colour in contrast with the all-white. Since the bedroom is not very large, I wanted to keep it light with accents of light greys and continue the black highlights throughout. In smaller apartments, I prefer not to use very different themes in each space. I feel that this can leave the apartment with a poky feel to it. I found a fabulous art deco multi angular mirror to open the space up and act as the centre piece for the room.

The Art work in the apartment was consistent to the story line of the client. He bought a city apartment as well as a remote stone cabin in the mountains. I used this as my premise for the hanging pieces by using black and white photography.

Kristali apartment is now being used as a corporate apartment for rent, housing many business people coming to Ljubljana. The brief was a business model and is now renting extremely well.



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